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Edge Diamond Blades and Cores

Edge offers an innovative range of Diamond blades and cores, all manufactured to ISO, FEPA and DSA international standards. We have developed a strong reputation for the supply of superior quality diamond blades to commercial and industrial sectors in the UK and internationally.

Having spent a total of 40 months purely immersed within a research and development mode, with a dedicated mission of manufacturing a range of high quality diamond consumables the edge range out perform all other known products within the marketplace. This is in terms of content and material quality, cutting speed, product life, product safety. It’s our mission to launch these diamond cutting products on to the global arena at a more competitive cost within their quality/price band to give you the customer the competitive edge.

Every member of the edge workforce shares in the devotion to the customer. edge’s success is your success. The edge pledge states, ‘nowhere will you find a blade or core of such high quality, performance and safety combined with such competitive prices, supported by a caring, efficient and friendly service’.

If you wish, one of our dedicated staff will meet you and discuss your company’s requirements. Edge is able to provide equipment off the shelf to meet the most exacting needs, or if needed on a customised bespoke design and manufacture basis.

After all, Edge is ‘a cut above the rest’

Our Commitment To You

When using our diamond blades and cores, your safety is of paramount importance to Edge and every endeavour is made to supply diamond cutting discs or cores that are amongst the safest in the market by continuously monitoring the product development programme.

Edge only provides high specification diamond blades at a reasonable cost and supports them with outstanding levels of service. So, in continuing to honour this commitment, the company will strengthen its position at the forefront of the global diamond blade industry.

Edge specialists speak your language and offer a constructive technical back up and support service. Our attractively packaged blades, strong brand image, innovative products, supported by pro-active marketing, tailor made sales and promotional techniques and branded point of sale products and display stands, guarantees your competitiveness in this demanding market sector. Making sure you get the best from edge diamond blades and cores are an important part of the company’s philosophy. That’s why edge provides expert advice and training in all aspects of its products application – including performance, safety, on-site survey and consultancy.

Edge offers a comprehensive alliance of warranties and guarantees, to ensure that an unbeatable package of products and technical expertise is offered to all customers. This is backed by one of the latest financial ordering and account packages available, allowing edge to keep up to date with all of its customers logistical requirements at the push of a button.



Quality diamond blades and cores

Edge products have proved themselves on some of the toughest aggregates found on this planet and we boast a 100% customer conversion rate after meaningful tests. When designing a new blade we analyse all the other available blades on the market and our remit is to surpass the quality, life and cutting speed yet place onto the market at a more competitive/performance ratio.

You can rest assured that our commitment to new product development is second to none and that edge plays an active role in the international market place, being able to accurately and instantly respond to the needs of an ever changing market place.

We’re behind some of the largest diamond blade suppliers in the world and can guarantee the quality of our products time and time again.

Edge’s commitment to high standards of quality, increased technology and product development results in a blade that not only reaches the highest levels of performance in terms of life and cutting speed, but is delivered to the customer with the lowest possible cost in the shortest possible time.

With the use of the most advanced scientific aids we have patented and perfected the bonding methods and systems that are so crucial in the development of the diamond blade segment. Edge blades contain some of the best synthetic industrial and naturally mined diamonds (dependent on application) to be found and their hardness and durability are properties that are second to none. With this in mind you can be assured that if needed we can implement, design and manufacture a blade suitable for any aggregate application on a special order basis.

Thanks to the unremitting efforts of edge staff we have accumulated technological advantages in all aspects of diamond blade manufacture. Great effort has been made to commercialise the scientific achievements developed by edge, and place these high tech products onto the market place, the rewards of which are now being noticed on a global scale.

Research & Development

Edge has a very strong team consisting of several world-leading metallurgists, at the point of manufacture, working continuously on the research and development of new diamond blades.

Edge have invested in advanced analytical instruments and comprehensive laboratories for metallurgical chemical analysis, physical testing, mechanical testing, geochemical and petrological analysis. The major research and design activities at point of manufacture are conventional mechanical testing which includes fracture mechanics, fracture physics and failure analysis and industrial applications.

With major investment in the latest scientific aids including, x-ray microanalysis (EDS), used in association with the electron scanning microscope (ESM), inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICPMS), inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer (ICPAES). edge is always in pursuit of excellence and technical innovation and is in a unique position to continuously develop and improve diamond blade technology and stay at the leading edge of the industry.