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Safety Recommendations

Download our guide on safety recommendations for the use of diamond saws



Information and Safety

This section should help to identify some challenges that are inevitable when using Diamond products. Here are some of the possible problems you may encounter, with a guide to any action to identify and eliminate them.



How Do Diamond Blades and Core Bits Work?

The cutting segments of the blades, cores or grinding heads are put through a grinding process before they leave the factory to remove a layer of the metal bond so as to expose the diamonds. The tool will be ready for use as soon as it reaches site…



Edge Diamond – The Facts

The most important factor associated with the diamond product industry is the diamond. Diamond technology has been in existence since the 1950’s. Key performance criteria in diamond products is the quality, shape, size, concentration, crystal purity, strength and thermal stability of the diamonds.



Choosing the right Diamond Blade

When choosing the right diamond blade what is the most important factor? The cost per cut or the price of the blade? A low priced blade of Trade quality may be preferred if the job is small or the use is occasional. A higher priced blade will be less expensive for larger jobs or more regular use



Identifying the Best Blade for the job

When choosing a diamond product you must first decide how often the product is to be used and the longevity of life expected. If you are a large civil engineer for instance, you will undoubtedly need a product that is to be used on a regular daily basis and that will give long life and a fast cutting speed.